Metaphysical Anatomy (MAT)

Metaphyscial Anatomy (MAT) is a trauma release personal development process, created by Evette Rose.

What is Metaphysical Anatomy?

Evetty Rose about Metaphysical Anatomy (MAT): “I believe that trauma (this could include physical, emotional or environmental) is the ultimate cause of most human problems. What makes Metaphysical Anatomy different than other trauma therapies is that 80 percent of the time I do not require the client to talk about or re-experience trauma in order to resolve it. In fact, a person can often resolve trauma easily through identifying its hidden benefit (known as secondary gain), without discussing the actual trauma. … I enable my clients and students to gently complete old and stagnant trauma cycles in a way that is so gentle that they don’t even realize that they are resolving deep old wounds from the past.  …”

Your body is talking, are you listening?

Evette is the author of a great book called “Metaphysical Anatomy. Your body is talking, are you listening?” It is the foundation of the modality called Methaphysical Anatomy.

Booking a Session

I am a certified Advanced MAT-Practitioner,  trained by Evette Rose. If you would like to book a MAT-session, please email me:  Or book your session online.

  • A MAT-session takes approx. 90-120 minutes. Investment in yourself: 200,00 Euro.

If you have any questions, please email me and let me know your mobile number. I will call you back.

Disclaimer: Metaphysical Anatomy is used to activate self-healing powers. It is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.