ThetaHealing Seminars

Are you interested in learning ThetaHealing in English in Berlin? Please find below an overview about my upcoming practitioner seminars in English and the next information evening about ThetaHealing (Intro).


  • ThetaHealing Advanced DNA Seminar: 26. – 28. July 2019
  • ThetaHealing Basic DNA Seminar: 6. – 8. December 2019

Small Groups

You will be learning this amazing modality in a small group with approx. 8 students.

Seminar Calendar


EventDate and TimeLocationMore Infos
- in German -
15. - 16. June 2019BerlinThetaHealing Soulmate Seminar
Advanced DNA
- in English -
26. - 28. July 2019BerlinThetaHealing Advanced DNA Seminar in Berlin
ThetaHealing Intro
07. August 2019BerlinThetaHealing Intro
Dig Deeper
- Bilingual-
24. - 25. August 2019BerlinThetaHealing Dig Deeper Seminar in Berlin
Basic DNA
- in German-
27. - 29. Sept. 2019BerlinThetaHealing Basic DNA Seminar in Berlin
Advanced DNA
- in German-
04. - 06. Oct. 2019BerlinThetaHealing Advanced DNA Seminar in Berlin
You and the Earth
09. - 10. Nov. 2019BerlinThetaHealing-Seminar: You and The Earth
Basic DNA
-in English-
06. - 08. Dec. 2019BerlinThetaHealing Basic DNA Seminar in Berlin in English
Dig Deeper
- Bilingual-
14. - 15. Dec. 2019BerlinGrabe Tiefer Seminar Berlin

Any seminar in German that is for more advanced practitioners, starting with the “Dig Deeper-Seminar”,  can be taught bilingual (German – English). If you are interested, please get in touch in time,  so it can be organized for you.

How to register

If you want to register for a seminar, please get in touch via email: You will receive further information.


Contact Form

You could also get in touch via contact form. Please let me know the name of seminar that you are interested in and make sure you also leave your email. Thanks!



ThetaHealing – Intro

Date: Wednesday, 7th of August 2019 Duration: 7. p.m. – 8.30 p.m. Admission free. . During this intro, you will learn some of the benefits of how ThetaHealing might be able to help you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Some of the topics discussed Is the Roadmap to the Creator of All That Is, the … Continue reading ThetaHealing – Intro

ThetaHealing Dig Deeper Seminar

Duration: 2 days 24. + 25. August 2019 Duration: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. (including two coffee breaks and a lunch break) This Seminar will be taught in German. Translation into English upon request. The ThetaHealing Technique is fabulous for getting to the origin of our issues because Practitioners are taught an incredible technique called … Continue reading ThetaHealing Dig Deeper Seminar