ThetaHealing Seminars

ThetaHealing is a wonderful healing modality that can transform your life. You can start your journey into the world of ThetaHealing with the Basic DNA Seminar. It is the seminar for beginners. For this seminar you do not need any prerequisites. The foundation in ThetaHealing are the following three seminars:

  • Basic DNA Seminar
  • Advanced DNA Seminar
  • Dig Deeper Seminar

After taking these three seminars you are an advanced practitioner and can choose from plenty of other ThetaHealing seminars. All seminars are very transformational.

At the moment, I am teaching ThetaHealing seminars online in German. I am teaching seminars in English upon request. For further information please get in touch with me.

If you speak German also and you are interested in taking a seminar, please check out my German website that will give you more details about the upcoming seminars in German.