ThetaHealing Sessions & Soul Coaching & Soulplan Reading

I am offering 1:1 ThetaHealing® sessions in English and in German. Individual sessions can be done over the phone or via zoom. It works over any distance.

  • ThetaHealing Session 45 minutes   – 150,00 EUR
  • Package with 3 Sessions 45 minutes – 430,00 EUR
  • incl. VAT

Live your purpose

I am offering Soul Coaching-Sessions and Soulplan-Readings that are designed to help you discover your true purpose and let your light shine! For Soul Coaching-Sessions I am combining the ThetaHealing Technique, Coaching Techniques and the Conversation with your soul. You will receive guidance from your soul which I connect to – for your private life, love life or in business.

  • Soul Coaching Session 45 minutes  – 150,00 EUR
  • Soulplan-Reading 75 minutes – 350,00 EUR (via Zoom incl. recording)
  • incl. VAT

For Soulplan Readings I have developed my own process, that I am using now for years and that is bringing amazing results for people who want to know their true purpose. I do not need any information about you upfront as I directly connect to your true essence, your soul.

ThetaHealing® is used to activate self-healing powers. It is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.