Transform your life

Do you feel like you are stuck? Would you like to know how to change your life for the better? Living it with more joy? Then you should get to know ThetaHealing®. ThetaHealing is an energy healing technique, a coaching method and a life changing modality. It works in all areas of life – be it job, love or health.

Clearing limiting beliefs

With the help of the ThetaHealing Technique you can transform your life very fast. It is possible to clear limiting beliefs or blocks which are preventing you from living the life you desire in an instant. Self-healing powers are activated. The focus of my sessions:

  • Career, Success & Purpose
  • Love, Soulmate & Twin flames
  • Overcome Fatigue & Burnout

I am a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner and ThetaHealing® Instructor, giving ThetaHealing sessions in English and in German. ThetaHealing classes are currently taught in German only. Classes in English can be organized upon request.

Live your purpose

Did you ever wonder why you came here? I am offering Coaching-Sessions and Soulplan-Readings which help you to discover your purpose and your life’s mission. For these sessions I am combining ThetaHealing, Coaching and the Conversation with your soul.

This applies also for the Soulplan-Reading, which will give you detailed information about your soulplan, your purpose and your divine timing. It will also answer individual questions regarding your soulmate, having children and many more. The reading will be recorded and the audio will be sent to you via email.


If you speak some German, please check out my German website which will give you information about more of my services in German like my podcast, blog and group-coaching-programme for women ‘Live your purpose‘.

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‘Go constantly
in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.’

(Henry David Thoreau)