Time for Change?

Do you feel like you are stuck? Would you like to know how to change your life for the better? Living it with more joy? How to reconnect with yourself and discover who you truly are?

Then you should get to know ThetaHealing®. ThetaHealing is an energy healing technique, a coaching method and a life changing modality. It works in all areas of life – be it job, love or health.

Transform your life

With the help of the ThetaHealing Technique you can transform your life deeply. It is possible to clear limiting beliefs or blocks which are preventing you from living the life you desire. Self-healing powers are activated. 

I am a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner and ThetaHealing® Instructor, giving ThetaHealing single sessions and ThetaHealing seminars in English and in German. I am based in Berlin. ThetaHealing sessions can be done in person or over the phone or via Zoom. It works over any distance.

Live your purpose

Do you want to live your Life’s purpose? I am also working as a spiritual coach and mentor. I have created coaching-packages to help you find your purpose and make a living out of it. I help you to overcome your challenges in the business world by combining Coaching and the ThetaHealing, Business and Marketing in a very unique way.

As a coach I am combining spirituality and business. I am bringing in the knowledge and the wisdom of more than 15 years experience as a self-employed Marketing Consultant and permanently employed Communication Expert in the corporate world.

You want to change your life? You can book your session via email (info@theta-bridge.com) or via this website online.

‘Go constantly
in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.’

(Henry David Thoreau)

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ThetaHealing Kennenlernen: Webinar am 05.02.2021

Lerne in diesem kostenfreien Webinar die energetische Heil- und Coaching-Methode ThetaHealing kennen. Erfahre, was sie Dir bringen kann auf körperlicher, seelischer und mentaler Ebene. Die Themen: Wo kommen Glaubensätze her? Wie manifestieren wir? Wie können wir unser Leben in die Richtung lenken, die wir uns wünschen? Wann: Freitag, 5. Februar 2021 Uhrzeit: 19.00 – 20.00 … Continue reading ThetaHealing Kennenlernen: Webinar am 05.02.2021

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